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Early in 2016, the business decided DormanProducts.com needed a total redesign. The site was very dated, not a responsive design and users were having a tough time finding and searching our newest products. The whole process took roughly 6 months from start to completion but was a very rewarding and learning experience.

The project started with extensive research, gathering feedback throughout the first month of the project. We used that information to develop personas about how users typical interact with our site. Once we pinpointed the users’ pain points, we can to the conclusion that search needed to be front and center, followed by marketing messages about our latest product releases and focused categories.

Working in an agile work environment, I developed wire-frames, and potential layouts to solve the user’s issues. Once it was decided by the team one which layout we felt had the best UX, I was able to scale out to prototyping and front-end development. Throughout the whole development process, we would test, refine, test, refine, until the design successfully met the criteria for each of the sprints.

The outcome of the redesign project created a website that increases user’s ability to find our products faster, easier and drive awareness to key business categories. The responsive design saw a large increase in mobile/tablet usage, and featuring certain products increased sales in those segments.

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    Branding, Website

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    Sep . 12 . 2016

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    Dorman Products

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    Colmar, PA

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    HTML5, CSS, Javascript,

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