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Josh Seasholtz

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Josh Seasholtz

Project Details

My personal brand identity project was a real challenge. What do I stand for? How do I represent myself? Many would think developing your own personal brand would be easy, but for most designers that is not the case at all. A personal brand is forever evolving, which makes it difficult to settle on a single logo, color and look and feel.

When redesigning my personal identity I want to remain true to who I am and the style of how I design which is simple and clean. After a number of unsuccessful design options trying to use the “J” and the “S” in my initials, I eventually settled on just using my first name, JOSH… pretty simple. The name is placed in a stylized conversation box with a different color “S”, which also represents the first initial in my last name.

Once the logo was designed, I utilized the design throughout stationary designs, business cards and on elements throughout my website. I placed the conversation box element as a headline style on the site, as well as other materials like my resume, pulling together the branding and design.

  • Category :

    Branding, Print, Website

  • Date :

    Mar . 08 . 2018

  • Client:

    Joshua Seasholtz

  • Location:

    Pottstown, PA

  • Software:

    HTML, CSS, Javascript,

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  • HoneyDo